Thursday, October 25, 2012

One Sexy Motherpucker!

I confess... I picked Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker up originally in Target in 2005 purely for the name, having never heard of Soap & Glory.  It was an instant love affair, so as you can imagine I was simply devastated when Target's contract with Soap & Glory ran out and they stopped carrying it.  Thank the stars you can find this brand at Sephora now!  Years after the fact I recently ordered a tube and I have no regrets.  Ahhhhhh, reconciled love!

What it is formulated to do:A single slick of Sexy Mother Pucker™ can fool your lips into looking and feeling fuller. It features SUPERFILL™ microspheres that explode in volume up to 10X when they absorb moisture, and circulation-enhancing LIPSWELL™ natural plant oil infusion to increase blood flow and make lips look almost instantly lusher.

($15.00 at Sephora)

Sexy Motherpucker truly is quite different compared to other glosses on the market and is prob one of the best nude glosses I have ever used.  Plus, isn't the packaging just devine?  Adorable.  I picked up 'baby doll' which is a sheer pink with just a touch of color.  I feel like the resulting color is a natural flushed lip look.  It does have the slightest raspberry chocolate fragrance, but it isn't overpowering and doesn't seem to linger terribly long.  The formula is thick without being too ooey-gooey or excessively sticky (I do allow some "sticky" in my gloss gaging, it is a gloss after all) so it's just about the right consistency for long-wearability.
I am wearing Essie Good Morning Hope on my nails.

And speaking of wearability, the staying power of this gloss is crazy awesome.  The 'plumping' effect can be a tad disarming if you aren't expecting it, so be warned!  It's not really an outwardly unpleasant experience but it certainly gives the feeling that you just slept on your face for a few hours and have a wicked case of pins and needles... only on your lips.  A curious sensation but frankly, I don't mind it.  I do take all plumping claims with a grain of salt, but I def get a certain 'bee-stung' lips look (illusion or not) with this gloss and my kisser def looks hella better than the lips I was born with.  After it's gone, lips are so soft and conditioned.

Overall: I highly recommend Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker!  It's a serious plumper and conditioner and if you're looking for sexy bee-stung lips with a natural flush and long wearability this is a pick that is totally worth every penny.  Oh, and a $1 from every sale goes to Stomp Out Bullying.  I love looking cute for a good cause.  :)

Essie Winter 2012 Leading Lady

They're at it again!  Essie's Winter 2012 line Leading Lady has hit stores and once again has created a totally unique and unexpected fabulous collection that has this polish addict clamoring to complete the whole collection.  Featuring 6 very different shades with varying finishes and textures there is sure to be at least one (or all, I won't judge) that peaks your interest.  ;)

From left to right:
Beyond Cozy:  This is one killer polish.  An antique-y, retro clear-based polish that is full of finely grained glitter that reminds me of champagne.  This is not your standard-issue glitter encrusted top coat... this polish stands entirely on its own creating a totally unique and chic look. 

Where's My Chauffer?:  A must.  This polish is a beautiful Tiffany-esque blue shade, or "robin's egg", if you will.  It's bright, but in a muted way (does that even make sense) and is just frosty enough to take turquoise from a summer shade right in to winter.

Butler Please:  If you dig blue polishes, I feel like this is one of those blues you need in your life.  I can't even get over how INSANELY pigmented and eye catching this vivid, ultra marine blue shade is.  I am SO madly in love with this color, the picture does it no justice, really.

Snap Happy:  How do I describe this color?  This polish is kind of coral-y but I find it to be more red-saturated than orange and SUPER vibrant.  I would liken this to a near-neon.

She's Pampered:  What would a holiday collection be without a red?  This is a cool scarlet shade that is oh-so-very festive. 

Leading Lady:  This was my first pick up from the collection, I was totally enamored by it... very Dorothy's ruby slippers.  Kind of a berry-toned gel with sparkle.  Like the Beyond Cozy this isn't a glitter top coat, this is a polish that stands on it's own.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A pretty fall look that is amazingly easy with a few killer products!

Fall is a time to up the ante in your beauty routine, but that doesn't mean your look has to be over the top!  Right now I'm loving rich blushes, healthy lips and muted metallics mixed with relaxed style.

As with any look, start with a good moisturizer and a great base.  I've really been digging Clinique Even Better Moisturizer lately.  Then after it's sunk in I apply L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream.  The combo of the Even Better and the BB creates a correcting and even base for your makeup.  If you have an oilier skin, skip the moisturizer and go for a BB or tinted moisturizer.

Then I applied a light coverage foundation, I'm partial too L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation.  I personally prefer a lighter coverage this time of year, plus the BB already applied some coverage.  Smooth the liquid foundation ONLY WHERE YOU NEED A LITTLE EXTRA COVERAGE!  I can't stress this enough.  Apply just a touch of your fav concealer to your undereye to brighten the eye area.

Sweep just a dusting of bronzer over your cheek bones, hairline, bridge of your nose and jawline to warm up your complexion.  I LOVE theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer, easily blendable with a matte finish that makes it easy to carry into Fall.  Apply a berry or jewel toned blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend well.  I used theBalm Cabana Boy Blush.

Set your makeup with a translucent powder, one that is either "invisible" or matches your complexion.  L'Oreal Translucide Powder is a wonderful option.

Now the eyes - you'll need an irridescent shade and a matte smokey shade.  I used Clinique Color Surge EyeShadow's Blackberry Frost and Slate.  I rimmed my eyes (all the way around for a smokey rim) and up into the crease with slate (a matte smoke color) and swept blackberry frost (an irridescent lilac) over my lids and below the bottom lash line.  The key to this look is to BLEND.  We're looking for a more toned down version of Audrey Hepburn circa 1966 from How to Steal a Million .

Now here's the trick with the liner:  Line the top lash line with a soft black liner and continue the bottom lash line with a deep chocolate liner... this gives the eyes a defined look without being too heavy.  I used Maybelline Define-a-Line Liners.  If you'd like, you can layer on a brown liquid liner, I love Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner+Serum.  This will make your liner last, smudge free and add some addition dimension.  Finish your eyes with a black mascara, I used theBalm Cheater Mascara.

Stay neutral for the lips.  I used just a swipe of chapstick and applied theBalm the Balm Girls Lipstick Mai Billsbepaid.  A velvety nude shade is enough to pull this look together without looking overdone.

I went with a lilac metallic nail, Essie Nothing Else Metals, that compliments the shadow without being too "matchy-matchy".  Essie has 5 killer metallic shades that I urge you to check out, absolutely perfect for fall.

And voila! You're done. Quick and easy with just a touch of glamour that you can pull off in the day. I like to pair this with an easy heathered gray hoodie or sweater and some jeans. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another rad blush shade from theBalm

I love theBalm, in fact I can't get enough of theBalm, and that obsession continues with theBalm Cabana Boy Blush.  Like all theBalm's blushes, this does double duty as a shadow.  This gorgeous deep dusty rose blush is more luminous than shimmery and has a soft and silky texture that is totally blendable.  There's something about this shade that is just so totally unique and grown up.  Instant chic-ness!  Cabana Boy has a rich, pigmented formula with good color pay off so go easy on the application, a little bit goes a long way!  In other words... use a light hand, you can always build up color is needed.

Get the look:
*  I started with Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector Moisturizer, but you can start with your fav lotion.
*  Using a sponge, I blended L'Oreal True Match Foundation and applied CoverGirl Simply Ageless Concealer to my under eyes.
*  I then dusted theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer on my face where the sun naturally hits and brushed Cabana Boy on the apples of my cheeks with a kabuki blush. 
*  I set my makeup with L'Oreal Translucide Powder. 
*  I used Clinique Colorsurge eye shadow in Toasted Almond on my lids and lined them with CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Liner Majestic Jade.  I completed my eyes with a coat of CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Mascara Black Gold.
*  I finished my look with Clinique Almost Lipstick Flirty Honey.

Pocketbook staple has vintage feel and heavenly formula

Smith's Rosebud Salve has been a staple in my pocketbook for a long time, but was inspired by a fresh tin I just picked up to give it a long overdue review.  This product is amazing - one of my true must-haves.  It is a multi-purpose lip balm that soothes dry lips, calms and heals irritated skin, moisturizes dry skin and can even soothe minor burns.  The silky smooth formula of this salve provides great moisture without being sticky, heavy or waxy and leaves lips so super soft and supple.  It works great as a primer for lipstick, but the slight hint of color means it can be worn alone for a nice and natural flush.  I love the vintage-y feel of this product too - it comes in a great tin that is just so chic and cute and I really enjoy the subtle hint of rose scent.  If rose isn't for you, I do believe they have at least a peppermint option, although I just never stray from the rose.  True love.  <3

A "sensational" palette for a fresh, natural look

Looking for a fresh, natural look for lazy days?  The Stila Sensational in Sydney Travel Palette is a perfect all-in-one option that retails for $16.  This is a great, neutral palette that will pull your look together but still look simple, easy and fresh faced.  It opens up like a mini notebook revealing 5 eye shadows, a convertible color for cheeks and lips, a mirror, and a mini-tutorial for applying the shadows.

The eye shadows are a complimentary assortment of neutral/champagne/browns with an (obviously) Australian theme known as: Bondi Beach, Aussie, Koala, Opera House, Habour Bridge.  They have decent color payoff and a dry formula that goes on nicely and aren't too crumbly.

I'm really loving the Sugarbrush Convertible Color for cheeks and lips.  This is a well-pigmented two-fer that blends easily for a healthy pop of color on cheeks or applies smoothly too lips for a natural wash of rosey color.  The only downside is that I don't think you can pick this up in a full size!  :(

Overall, this palette is great for day-to-day use, but def not for a more adventurous look. 

For this quick and easy look (10 minutes max!), I started by applying L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream as a base and applied L'Oreal Lumi True Match Foundation where I needed a little extra coverage.  I brushed on just a touch of theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer to warm my complexion and applied the Sugarbrush Convertable Color to the apples of my cheeks and my lips.  Then, I followed the mini tutorial in the Sensational in Sydney palette for my eyes, lined them with Stila Smudge Stick Liner, and swiped on some Cheater Mascara from theBalm.  To finish off my look I applied Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment over the Sugarbrush for a healthy, slightly glossy, rosey pout.

Paris Amour

Oh Bath & Body Works, you've got me again!  I must admit that I was totally avoidant of Bath & Body Works for many years until I was lured in by their Malibu Heat display last Spring, a collection I became absolutely enamored with.  After receiving a 20% off coupon in my email, I decided to give B&BW a gander the other day while on a shopping trip, and discovered a new scent-ual love... Paris Amour.

Paris Amour is a light, fruity/floral combination of French tulips, apple blossoms and pink sparkling champagne... heaven in a bottle!  This fairly unique fragrance is just perfect for the summer-to-fall transition; light, feminine, and fresh.  The scent itself is just strong enough that you smell positively yummy for a good portion of the day, without being super heavy and overwhelming.  This is def not one of those headache-inducing scents!

But enough about the smell...this lotion goes on like a dream!  Non-greasy and packed with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E.  This light lotion absorbs quickly and gives a good days worth of moisture.  It leaves my skin silky smooth and comfortably moisturized.

It retails for about $11, standard B&BW pricing, but it is worth every penny. I picked it up on a buy 2 get 1 free deal and grabbed 2 bottles of lotion (one for home and one for my gym bag) and grabbed the collections bubble bath.  I haven't tried it yet, but I feel like I'm in for an indulgent bath time.*

*update: After using the bubblebath I have to admit it is nothing to write home about.  I'd def save your money.  ;)

Kiss flakey, chapped lips bu-bye!

Scrubs and loofahs are common items to buff you body and face, but what about your lips?  Dry, flakey lips are not only unattractive, the can be terribly uncomfortable.  Sugar lip scrubs are a a great tool to keep your kisser smooth by exfoliating and moisturizing.

Since I was pretty unhappy with the Skinny Girl Lip Scrub (too heavy! too greasy!) I picked up a while back, I've been on the lookout for a good scrub - I know, I know, you can make your own - but who has the time?  I must say, I'm pretty pleased with Victoria's Secret Pro Smooth FX Lip Scrub & Balm.  It has kind of a high price tag (16 dolla!) but it's a sizeable about of product, has wonderful packaging, and it's a 2-fer.

To ensure a perfect pout, our pros always prep lips with this sugar scrub and moisture- rich balm before applying color. Gently massage the scrub onto lips for 30 seconds, then tissue off. Finish with a light layer of balm. Lips are left feeling soft, supple and ready for camera-worthy color.

This scrub/balm combo is all you need to maintain perfectly smooth and soft lips.  The jar itself is quite sturdy (good packaging can be hard to come by!) and has a compact design that makes it easy to travel with and totally practical.  This jar has two different products.  The top part contains a flip top with a moisturizing, lightly minty balm, just unscrew it to reveal the scrub.  The scrub texture is just perfect, not too gritty, no too soft.  It smells slightly sweet, but it is not overpowering and quite pleasant.  This combo really is an ah-mazing prep for lip color or for taking the day's lip color off.  To be quite frank, your lips will be so smooth and supple you may want to keep your kisser au naturale.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Falling for Fall Trends

Fall is here and that means it's time to update your routine!  Warm temps and sunshine usually make way for low-key beauty, but Autumn is time for a pulled together chic look.  5 Easy ways to update your look:  1) Foundation and moisturizer!  Complexion can dull in the Fall as temps drop and we make our way inside.  Find a good moisturizer that restores your skin.  Reach for a medium foundation.  If you used a foundation in the summer, get re-matched to your fall skin to avoid a masky face. 2) Trade your bronzer in for a bright blush.  3) Reach for some eyeshadow; this fall is all about smokey colors and earth tones, plums, golds, bronzes and greens... experiment with them all! 4) Define those brows!  A good defined eyebrow not only finishes a look but can also enhance your features.  5) Find a deep lippy shade you love... wines and chocolate tones are classics for Fall and can be a great starting point.  Find a shade that best compliments your skin tone.
Some of my picks for Fall

Cake Beauty Milk Made Velveteen Hand Cream: Say bu-bye to dry mitts!  *Hands down* the best hand lotion I have ever used, I always keep it in my purse.  It smells heavenly... like warm vanilla with just a hint of raspberry... but unlike most sweet-smelling products, doesn't seem to irritate sensitive skin.  The formula is moisturizing and non-sticky and absorbs in a flash.  Totally worth the price tag - you need this in your life.
Essie Nail Polish - This fall is all about vampy, rich colors, tough yet feminine.  Deep reds and creamy mauves dictate this season.  The Recessionista collection is perfect for Autumn, but here are a couple colors to consider: Recessionista (an earthy deep plum), Yogaga (a cool sandy beige), and my recent obsession Don't Sweater It (an inviting creamy mauve, as cozy as it's namesake).  Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I threw I am Strong (an "optimistic" pink) into the mix.
Blistex Moisture Melt Lip Protectant: Pay some lip service to this amazing lip treatment!  This hydrating lip product makes your lips SO soft - like ridic - and is super long lasting.  The scent and taste is light and feels very high quality.  Blends nicely with leftover lip color that has stained your lips or as topcoat for actual lip stain for a healthy, fresh look.
Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow Pomegranate Punk & Gold Shimmer: These shadows by Maybelline are absolutely fab - ultra pigmented with long-wearability like woah.  Just slightly shimmery enough to brighten the eyes and it applies like a dream.
Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush Plush Peach: This blush has been my go-to for years - it totally rocks my socks.  This cream blush is pigmented enough to give you a healthy glow but isn't too overwhelming.  Leaves your skin smooth and moisturized and lasts all day - seal it with a translucent powder for an all day glow.
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner: Summer can leave strands parched and dry... give them the TLC you need with this shampoo and conditioner combo that feels amazingly high end with an absolutely affordable price tag.  Hair feels softer, healthier and def less frizzy.  The formula is gentle on hair and makes it feel crazy clean, the great smell is an added bonus.
Organix Healing Cherry Blossom Rice Milk Cashmere Body Wash: I love this body wash.  The smell is amazing and totally feminine, not to mention the formula is gentle and soothing and highly moisturizing with no oily residue.
L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream:  This cream is awesome.  The perfect way to add some glow into a dulled complexion.  A bit more of a tinted moisturizer than a BB but this lightweight, super hydrating moisturizer is SO creamy and goes on like a dream.  The silky texture makes it totally blendable and so easy to apply.  It offers light coverage and completely smooths out skins texture to make it a great base for a foundation (even though it could absolutely be worn alone).  The result is a natural and dewey finish.
Limited Edition Moist Hemp Berries and Cream Lotion: The moist hemp products are all a win but this limited edition lotion smells divine and makes your skin crazy smooth.  It moisturizes well, absorbs quickly, and has serious staying power for all-day moisturizing.  You can find this little gem at Sally's Beauty Supply... 5% of each sale goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.
Crest 3D White Mouthwash & Toothpaste: Summertime cocktails can wreak havoc on your pearly whites and this combo can combat even the worst post-Sangria teeth (although it won't do much for the post-Sangria hangovers!) Mouth feels clean and fresh with the added benefit of a brightened smile.  Yellow teeth can off-put even the cutest of fall outfits!
L'Oreal Colour Riche Project Runway Queen Kiss: OBSESSED with this find!  Part of the Project Runway Collection, this semi-opaque berry shade with slight shimmer.  The formula is slightly creamy and glides right on - the shade is very on trend this season's wine/plum colors.  Can be worn for an chic day look or layered for a bolder nighttime look.
Revlon Lip Butter Sugar Plum: I love this for day - all the trend with none of the "vamp" just enough color to look finished.  The formula is moisturizing enough to comfortably wear alone, or layered on top of your favorite lip balm.  What I like about this is it can really be touched up on the go without a mirror.
Covergirl Exact Eyelights Eye Brightening Eyeliner Majestic Jade: This is *supposed* to be for hazel eyes, but I love it for my brown eyes.  I'm not too sure how this "brightens eyes" but it is a great a liner that is a nice departure from the usual black or brown.  This liner glides on smooth and lasts all day.

Stila Eyeliner Purple Tang: I love this liner - The deep plum is seriously on trend and this liner defines eyes without being as "severe" as black.  Plus, this high quality liner stays put and lasts all day.