Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreaming of summertime...

So I know that Summer is still a ways away, but I was inspired to play with a light, natural look thanks to good 'ol Punxsutawney Phil
predicting that winter will come to a timely end and a pair of fantastic linen Roxy pants I picked up for half off at a surf shop near my home.

How to get my look:
*The base*
First I applied Jergen's Natural Glow Healthy Complexion Daily Facial Moisturizer Fair to Medium Skin (SPF 20), which gradually builds natural looking color.  Next I used a sponge wedge to apply L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Secret No 2 Anti-Dull Skin Primer for deep skin to my cheeks, skin, top of forehead, and chin.  This gives me a slightly peachy tone, evens out my skin tone, and brightens up the complexion.  You don't need a lot, a little bit goes a long way. (L'oreal makes a pink version, for light skin, and a orange one, for deep skin...I used the orange even though my skin isn't exactly deep.  Choose yours accordingly)

*The Foundation*
Before the actual foundation, I applied just a tiny bit of Covergirl Simply Ageless Eye Concealer Shade 210 to my under eyes.  This brightens and covers up any dark-circle issues (like not enough beauty sleep!).  Next, using a makeup round, I applied Covergirl Simply Ageless Shade 240, sparingly concentrating mainly on my cheeks, temples, and forehead, and then smoothed over the rest of my face.  Remember, we are going for a natural look... a lot of ladies apply way more foundation than they really need.  Focus on your problem areas!
To add a flash of sheer color, I blended Covergirl Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush Shade 210 on my cheeks with a makeup round.  When I finished, I added just a touch of Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer Shade 10 to the areas where sun would naturally hit (much like how you would apply bronzer): the top of forehead, down nose, and just a tiny bit on the chin.  It gives you just the slightest bit of sun kissed glow.

*The Finish*
I applied Physicians Formula Happy Booster Face Powder in Beige, making sure to tap off the excess before brushing on. Then using a broad sweeping motion and a very light hand, I brushed Physicians Formula Happy Booster Light Bronzer across my cheeks and over my nose.  I then continued the sweep over my forehead and then chin/jawline... WITHOUT applying more of the product to my brush.  Finally, I did a VERY light application with Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Powder Palette Blush Shade Blushing Peach.*
*For these powders, use a Kabuki Style Blush and always be sure to TAP the excess off the brush, all you need is a very light dusting.  A light hand will be sure that you look flawless and glowing without being caked on!

*The Eyes*
For the eyes I kept them as simple as possible and used neutral colors.
On the lids I applied Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Gleam Cream Eye Shadow Shade Rose Revolution, using a disposable eye makeup applicator (the palette does not come with an applicator, I supposed you could also use your fingertip, if you'd like).  I used the darkest shade on the outer corner and up into the crease, the medium shade on the lid, and the lightest shade was applied to the inner part of my lid.  Using my fingertip, I applied just the tiniest bit of the lightest shade just below my brow and blended.
I lined my top and bottom lash line with Maybelline New York Unstoppable Shade Cinnabar.
I curled my lashes and then applied Maybelline New York Falsies Shade Brownish Black.  Falsies gives you beautiful, bold lashes with just one application.  It's one of my favs... I'm on tube Number 3!
I finished off my eye look by lining the bottom inside corner with just a tiny bit of white liner (it brightens just the tiniest bit).  I used a Revlon liner.

*The Lips*
I finished off my look by applying Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Stick Shade 407 Rosedew over a layer of Berts Bees Chapstick.  It's a really light, non-drying lipstick formula... putting it over a layer of chapstick makes the shade a little sheerer and gives you a nice moisturizing barrier.

Remember!  This is just a guideline and these products are just suggestions... feel free to follow my steps using your favorite products.  Just remember to keep the eyes and lips neutral.  Have fun and play!