Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Malibu Heat

Oh the mall... you are a tricky one.  The other day I headed over to the mall on a mission to get in, go to Victoria's Secret, and get out.  Somehow... it never seems to turn out that way.  So anyways, while walking down the florescently lit walkway, I happened to glance up from the tacky tile floors just in time to walk by the Bath and Body Works.  Like a lovely ray of sunshine on an otherwise rainy day, there it was:  Malibu Heat.

Now I very rarely go to Bath & Body Works but I admit I was powerless against the gravitational pull of a Malibu-inspired collection and after completing my mall-mission and pulling myself away from the overly-helpful Victoria's Secret saleslady (really, though, I don't know what was up with her) I meandered over and got my smeller ready.

Malibu Heat: a fresh blend inspired by hot pink sunsets and twenty-seven miles of beautiful beach.

My Judgement: Summer in a damn bottle.  An amazing mixture of sunblock and fruity beverages on the beach.  It's a light fragrance that is slightly sweet and a touch tropical with  a vague... bubblegum/cotton candy undertone?  hmmm.

 The Haul: They were running a special where if you purchased *any* Malibu Heat you could get the little sampler complete with a 3 oz body wash, lotion, and shimmer mist in a cute little makeup bag for $14.50.  SOLD.  So I grabbed a lip gloss and the Surf Hair Mist and ended up with a fragrant mix of products.  Here it goes:

Malibu Citrus Hand Sanitizer: Not part of the collection but still worth writing about.  I'm not huge into the whole... hair sanitizer phenom, but summertime is most def a time when it is worth having on hand.  This little bottle is on-the-go clean.  It's a pocket sized cleanser that contains "natural ingredients and powerful germ killers...Tahitian Palm Milk leaves hands feeling conditioned" and it smells just fab; light and fruity, a mix of mandarin, wild cherry, and fresh mango.
Malibu Heat Body Lotion & Malibu Heat Body wash: On top of the smell, I like the lotion a lot.  It's very smooth, not heavy and greasy and sinks right in.  The body wash?  Well, it's body wash.  What more can I say?  It suds... and then you and the room smell like a summery cocktail.  Double bonus?  Both the lotion and body wash are BLUE.  Too cute.

Malibu Heat Shimmer Mist: A body spray with a little bit of sparkle.  The bottle's spray nozzle is actually pretty precise and the delicate mist falls only where you want it to.

Malibu Heat Lip Gloss: This lip gloss is a little watery for my taste, but it is absolutely moisturizing and the neutral, baby pink is very sheer and gives just a touch of shine and shimmer.  I like it, but I'm not *in like* with it it... I probably won't buy another.

Malibu Heat Surf Waves Hair Mist: This is a winner.  This sea salt spray gives your hair sexy, beachy texture without making it crunchy... Hair is left soft and lightly scented.  It also does wonders to keep your hair in lose, messy braids. 

Overall: First of all, anything that smells like this ---> is okay in my book.  This fragrance smells just as awesome on your skin as it does out of the bottle, so really, you can have your cake and eat it to.  It is fresh, fun and fruity... the trifecta of fragrance "f" adjectives.  I am absolutely going back for more... they have a scrub and a regular body mist in addition to the items I've listed, plus these dinky 3 oz bottles are simply not going to make it through the summer months! 

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