Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Plum pouts & Chocolate Cherry lips: The Burgundy Bandwagon

Dramatic plum pouts and chocolate cherry lips were all over the runway for Fall 2012 and have me ready for crisp air and crunchy leaves.  In the past I've gravitated to more of a scarlet red lip (ala Gwen Stefani) but I think this fall I'm gunna hop on the burgundy bandwagon.

Fall 2012: Some looks from Gucci Westman...To make this work without looking to vampy [unless that's the look you're going for, than by all means, to each is own] go minimal on the rest of the face.

The look for less:

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Smitten
The design of this chubby crayon reminds me of Clinique's Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm, but I find it to be a little heavier with a deeper color payoff.  I like this more than a stain as it gives the perfect flush of color with smooth lips.  The color lasts forever, even after the "balm" wears off.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss Bordeux
This non-sticky light weight gloss is extremely pigmented with decent staying power (it is a gloss after all).  It is a semi opaque but totally buildable, vivid, deep wine color with a mirror-like shine.  It looks a touch intimidating in the tube but it is so beautiful on.  Probably my fav of the 3.

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Luminous Lipstick Cherry Tulle
I'm a big fan of this entire line, the formula is super hydrating and light and the color payoff is good, but totally buildable for a more dramatic look.  I think this is a wonderful option for people who'd like to try the trend but don't want to jump in feet first. 

A few more options: Covergirl Lip Perfection Shade Burn and Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers Shade 550 Plum Splash.  Details and pictures to come.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Maybelline, make smart decisions.

Oh Maybelline... WHAT were you thinking???

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil (Blonde)
Master the shapely brow. So natural. So easy. So now! Maybelline's Master Shape Brow Pencil's unique, natural wax formula with subtle color pigments creates hair-like fine lines for the most natural definition.

Ok.  So here's the deal.  This WOULD be a fantastic product if it weren't for having the absolute worst packaging ever.  I have blonde, very light eyebrows that need a little assistance in the definition department.  I had been using Revlon's Brow Fantasy Defining Brow Pencil but I decided to try something different.  Initially, I thought this product was great.  The 1/6 inch of pigmented wax you get is wonderful... the formula lasts all day and does a bang-up job of filling in spars brows and playing up shape without looking too harsh or phony.  The wand is an added bonus as it really does a great job feathering the lines and combing brows into place.  I was really enjoying working with this product, until I wore down the tip...

You would think this would be a twist up, or something, what with the plastic casing.  I examined the whole stick looking for a way to  advance this sucker... no dice.  I thought I was a total dope until I googled the darn thing for a solution only to discover that you need to sharpen it. through the plastic.  What?  I've tried and I've tried but none of my sharpeners does the trick.  Plain.  Silliness.  It doesn't even clarify on the packaging... I really shouldn't have to research how to work my eyebrow pencil.  I am baffled as to who thought this was a good idea.

The bottom line:  Thank god for 100% money back guarantees: I am returning the pencil, even though I liked the color and texture, and trying for a different brand.  And not in a million years would not recommend this product until they fix this absolute STRUCTURE FAIL. So dumb.  Save your $8.

"Falling" for Color

She asks... and she doth receive!  After doing a little detective work (very minimal), I have discovered that Essie DOES, in fact, have a more satisfying Fall-y collection coming out: Stylenomics

THAT'S what I'm TALKING about!  ------->
SO excited for this collection and it's full-force color!
The shades: Miss Fancy Pants ("greige"), Recessionista (magenta), Stylenomics (opulent green), Head Mistress (bold red), Don't Sweater It (cozy mauve), and Skirting the Issue (burgundy).

Seems to have a September release, but that won't stop me from a weekly trip to Walgreens in hopes of an early arrival!  (It happens, seems Walgreens is usually ahead of the curve.)  I want them all, and they will be mine (oh yes, they will be mine), but Stylenomics and Head Mistress are absolutely calling my name.

Hellllllloooo, Sweater Weather.

Namaste, homies.

As a yogi, and an Essie enthusiast, I'd be hard pressed to not grab their latest collection: the "Fall 2012" Yogaga Collection.  This is a fairly muted collection of "modern neutrals" that I've found to lean more towards a kind of a gray-based pastel spectrum.  There are 6 colors in total for this collection, but I'll be damned if I'm yet to find the illusive 6-shade display... most drugstores seem to have received only the 4, such is life (there's always Ebay!).  I've gotten my hands on the namesake Yogaga (a creamy taupe), Marathin (dusty, earthy rose), Pilates Hottie (subdued gray-lilac) and Boxer Shorts (blue-based purple).  The remaining 2 are Spinning Again (neutral brick) and Gym Dandy (neutral brown).

Of the 4 I have, I'm really digging Boxer Shorts the best, although I don't really feel it's a fall-kind of color.  Pilates Hottie is a nice neutral shade if you're going for the whole, your-nails-only-better vibe, with a barely noticeable lilac.  I'll admit, I'm pretty indifferent to the collections namesake, Yogaga... I could really take it or leave it.  Marathin is pretty, but again, not really anything to write home about.  ...Is that, disappointment I am feeling?  I guess I was just hoping for more "oomph!" from the Fall Collection, maybe something more sultry?  A collection of  deeper, earthy shades, perhaps?  I dunno.  I guess I was hoping to move away from the pastels in the upcoming fall months.  I kind of feel like their Modern Metallics  had more of a Fall Feel than this Yogaga.  Who knows though, Essie seems to always have new collections coming out.

Gym Dandy, Yogaga, Pilates Hottie, Marathin, Spinning Again, Boxer Shorts

Essie's Modern Metallics Collection: http://beautyconfessions5.blogspot.com/2012/07/if-eyes-are-mirror-to-your-soul-then.html

L'Oreal lovefest

Whew!  This review is really overdue!

I'm really behind the ball here, but here's a few L'Oreal Gems that I am literally obsessed about.

L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream (Shade Light)
Okay.  So it's not a legit BB.  But I'm over it because! ...This moisturizer is FAB... I finally jumped on the Drugstore BB Bandwagon because I couldn't stand to be out of the Drugstore BB loop any longer (Curiosity may have killed the cat, but I don't have four legs and a tail, meow, or have an affinity for tuna fish).  I got this for a "wicked baaahgain", as they say up in my neck of the woods, for a slightly less painful $11.99 (it does seem to run about $16-18 depending on where you grab it, but it is ABSOLUTELY worth it and methinks this tube will last forever).

This super hydrating moisturizer is so creamy and lightweight, and goes on like a dream.  Totally blendable and so easy to apply.  A little bit of this product goes a long way.  It offers light coverage, completely smooths out skin's texture and covers up minor imperfections.  It really just brightens up your complexion and makes skin GLOW.  It does have a very light, almost citrus-y smell, but it is not overwhelming and once it dries, not noticeable at all... and this is coming from someone with a super-human smeller.  To boot, my skin looks BETTER makeup free since I've started using it!  I can also attest to the fact that it holds up like a champ.  97 degree temps and 95% humidity and it held up like a champ. 

Really, you could absolutely wear this alone, but you could also use a touch of concealer or foundation and/or a powder.  Ive been pairing it with just a touch of foundation and that brings us to...

L'oreal True Match Lumi Foundation (W-4 Natural Beige)
I'm truly in love with this foundation and paired with the Youth Code BB... I haven't been happier with my makeup in a LONG time.  This light weight foundation is on the thinner side, but it blends really well, goes on silky-smooth, and like the BB, has some serious staying power.  I love how breathable this formula is and it didn't dry my skin out or make it oily.  I've been using it for a while now and it has yet to make me break out, or have a reaction, and that's saying something for my sensitive skin.  This is, without a doubt, the best drugstore foundation I've tried in a very long time.

Pairing the Youth Code BB with the True Match Lumi really makes my skin look flawless and just the slightest bit, dare I say... dewy?  Well, whatever you call it, my skin looks great and very healthy, and who wouldn't want that??

SO now that your skin looks great, how do we finish off the look?  With...

L'Oreal Colour Riche Color Caresse Lipstick
This lipstick really doesn't feel like a lipstick to me.  It's kind of a pseudo-lippy, kinda-gloss hybrid, but not quite in line with the "colored balm" craze that happened not too long ago.  The color payoff on these babies is great.  The formula is totally non-sticky and are super moisturizing (they do contain jojoba butter) and they're Paraben-free... the result is an uber-luxe and high end feeling lipstick.  It applies effortlessly and gives you beautiful sheer color.  I'm pretty much in love with the packaging too... the bullets are well make and have a very chic feel to them.  I have both Blushing Sequin and Velvety Fushia and I fully intend on picking up some new shades (I've got my eye on you Sunset Angora!).

Enough of this L'Oreal Love fest.  But for real... these products ROCK.  My absolute fav stuff to put on my face these days.