Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sunshine, Warmth, and Sandy Toes... Well we can pretend

This time every year I start getting a little antsy for sunshine, warmth, and the feeling of sand beneath my toes.  After a vacation to Florida, and a week of unseasonably warm March weather in New England, well let's just say that the itch for summer winds has increased tenfold as the temperatures have plummeted back down to a chilly 44 degrees.  With that being said, I've been inspired to create a uber natural, warm, sun kissed look... without overdoing it.  Let's face it, as winter drags on, skin can reach a certain shade of paleness that creates a thin line between bronze-goddess and muddy cake face.

Long story short: If you can't lay out on the beach somewhere with an umbrella embellished drink, you might as well at least look the part.

To start:  a clean face is a must for this look, preferably after a little, minor exfoliation to remove the dullness.
  • Apply a good moisturizer and let in sink in fully.  I'm partial to Clinique's "Dramatically Different" moisturizer.  It's clean, scentless, and non-irritating.  Makes your skin look moisturized and glowy. 
  • For a little sheer coverage I do a layer of Aveeno's Tinted Moisturizer, (I know, I know, we just did a layer of moisturizer, but I find this gives you coverage without looking too make-upy - * If you're oily, you may want to skip the first moisturizer) and let that set.
  • Then I dab just a touch of Covergirl's Natureluxe Foundation on my forehead, chin, and each cheek and blend.  This gives me a little more coverage where I need it.  You can use what you want, I personally like this foundation because it's super light, a nice cross between a standard foundation and a sheer coverage.  Whatever you choose, it's important to use only a touch of it.  Remember the idea is to look natural.  You just want to enhance what your mama gave you. 
  • If your eyes are looking sleepy or dark, just a touch of under eye concealer on the interior corners, should do the trick.  Sweep on a powder to set.
Now for the good stuff: 
  • I do a light dusting of theBalm's Bahama Mama (the name is just yummy isn't it?) just on the spots where the sun naturally touches the skin - the cheeks, chin, tip of the nose, slightly along the jawline, etc.  This is a great, high quality bronzer... a nice deep camel color that I find to be flattering on many skin tones.  TAP your brush before application!  I cannot stress this enough. 
  • Then you sweep just a touch of theBalms Hot Mama blush on the apples of the cheeks... this is a peachy, slightly shimmery blush that really brightens up the complexion.  Instant fox-i-tude... I promise.
The eyes:  I mixed a few colors to create the shade I wanted.
  • I swept theBalm ShadyLady eyeshadow in Shameless Shana (a pretty pinky-bronze) on the lids, with Mischevious Marissa on the brow bone.  To finish, I lightly applied the same Hot Mama blush that I swept on my cheeks, over my lids.  The result is a golden pink shade that makes the eyes pop.  I also lined it around my eyes.  Subtle and pretty... kind of the "anti-smokey eye".
Finish your look:
I am currently obsessed with MAC Surf, Baby! Lipglass Strange Potion.  I picked up a tube while I was at a cosmetic outlet outside of Ft. Myers... what a gem!  Now, it's not a current collection (came out in summer of 2011-limited edition) but I did some web surfing and discovered that it is more than easy to purchase a brand-spankin'-new tube of this gloss from several online vendors.  Actually, you can find *most* of this collection online.  It really is fab: a pink coral non-sticky gloss  in a fabulous cream, orange, teal, and yellow beachy tube, adorned with a hibiscus flower.  Let's face it...just looking at the packaging can brighten anyone's spirits.  This gloss has great pigmentation and is wearable and flattering for many skin tones.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm not addicted, I can quit any time I want.

Essie 2012 Resort Collection

Pink a boo, Sure Shot, She's Picture Perfect, No More Film

I fully intend on owning all these shades.  I just picked up Sure Shot which is like a metallic fuscha with loads of shine.  I love this color.  Usually I fall for a more She's Picture Perfect on my hands and save the shock of color for my toes, but this is just a spectacular shade.  Bright and fun.  =)