Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When good brows go bad...

I have one completely dysfunctional eyebrow.  My left eyebrow is beautiful... full, a good shape without much effort.  The right, on the other hand, drives me bananas.  It starts all right and then tapers off into a peculiar little forest of sparse hairs that is nearly impossible to "clean up" without stripping my brow almost bare to a pin-thin arch.  It really is obnoxious.

That's where Revlon Brow Fantasy Combo comes in.

This dark blonde pencil is the perfect shade for light brows, not too light and not too dark.  It blends almost seamlessly with my natural brow to give me the illusion of full, neat brows...I fill in the crappy brow's negative area with short strokes in the direction of the brow and it actually does a pretty phenomenal job of convincing the world I have a pretty nice set of brows.  This nifty tool is double-sided, equipped with not just a pencil, but color-coordinated gel-wax that you apply via a mascara type wand.  It sets your brows right into place and helps to hide imperfections.

Okay... maybe a bit much, but you get the point

I've been reading that some people think that the pencil is soft and wears down too quickly, but I really haven't had a problem with that.  I find that eyebrow pencils are kind of soft as it is, that's just the way of things... they aren't eyeliners, after all.  Don't go crazy with the pencil and you should be fine.*

She is NOT impressed!
*It's easy to over do it with the brow pencil! Dark, obviously drawn on eyebrows make you look mean and angry.  Stop yourself from committing this beauty faux-pas by filling in your brows with a color that’s one shade lighter than your natural eyebrow hair and use light, quick strokes in the direction of your hair growth.

Audrey Hepburn was known for her
gorgeous full brows!
 Since I've been using this product, I've been getting so many compliments on my brows.  I've tried so many products, pencils, powders and gels, but this one is probably my favorite and SUPER affordable (6-8 bucks, usually).Beautiful brows really pulls together a look and make you look totally polished. 

I will continue to buy this again and again! Love <3

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