Thursday, July 12, 2012

“If eyes are the mirror to your soul, then nails are the mirror to your style” – Essie Weingarten

Oh Essie, I find you irresistible no matter what you do!  This collection is gorgeous... although I'm not sure of it as a "summer collection,"  I feel it'll be very chic for fall... especially "Penny Talk" and "Good as Gold".  I picked up 4/5 of them myself, all but the "No Place Like Chrome".  I'm not super wild about silver nails on me, [robot fingers] but knowing me I'll be powerless to complete the set.  What can I say?  I'm weak.
 The Shades: Penny Talk (a beautiful rose gold), Good as Gold (warm gold), No Place Like Chrome (classic silver), Blue Rhapsody (frosted blue), and Nothing Else Metals (metalic lilac)

The pros:
  • superb formula
  • fab shine
  • super quick dry-time
The cons:
  • fussy brushstrokes
  • need to work fast
This unique collection is absolutely killin' it.  Fashion forward and edgy, but oh-so-chic.  Go get it!  You know you wanna.

*Sidenote: No Place like Chrome now has a home *geddit* in my collection now.  It was inevitable.  Robot fingers be damned, it is kind of cute.

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