Thursday, October 25, 2012

Essie Winter 2012 Leading Lady

They're at it again!  Essie's Winter 2012 line Leading Lady has hit stores and once again has created a totally unique and unexpected fabulous collection that has this polish addict clamoring to complete the whole collection.  Featuring 6 very different shades with varying finishes and textures there is sure to be at least one (or all, I won't judge) that peaks your interest.  ;)

From left to right:
Beyond Cozy:  This is one killer polish.  An antique-y, retro clear-based polish that is full of finely grained glitter that reminds me of champagne.  This is not your standard-issue glitter encrusted top coat... this polish stands entirely on its own creating a totally unique and chic look. 

Where's My Chauffer?:  A must.  This polish is a beautiful Tiffany-esque blue shade, or "robin's egg", if you will.  It's bright, but in a muted way (does that even make sense) and is just frosty enough to take turquoise from a summer shade right in to winter.

Butler Please:  If you dig blue polishes, I feel like this is one of those blues you need in your life.  I can't even get over how INSANELY pigmented and eye catching this vivid, ultra marine blue shade is.  I am SO madly in love with this color, the picture does it no justice, really.

Snap Happy:  How do I describe this color?  This polish is kind of coral-y but I find it to be more red-saturated than orange and SUPER vibrant.  I would liken this to a near-neon.

She's Pampered:  What would a holiday collection be without a red?  This is a cool scarlet shade that is oh-so-very festive. 

Leading Lady:  This was my first pick up from the collection, I was totally enamored by it... very Dorothy's ruby slippers.  Kind of a berry-toned gel with sparkle.  Like the Beyond Cozy this isn't a glitter top coat, this is a polish that stands on it's own.

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